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17 roads have been selected for the 2021 Pavement Preservation Program--check the "Current Projects" sheet to see a list... More than two dozen roads were put out for public bid on Monday June 28th... Check the "Current Projects" sheet under the "Road Projects" tab for the latest updates!

Road Quality Map

Please note that this interactive map displays both road data points and road data segments. Both are clickable.

A single click will select the road segment. If you have selected a road data segment, the map will display a grey bar across the top of the screen, giving you the road name, the average rating, and the length (all of which apply only to that particular segment of road).

A double-click will select the road data point. If you have selected a road data point, the map will display a picture of that precise point on the roadway, as well as the rating (1-5) of that specific point.

If you have any questions about this map, you may direct them to